photos/food: anna wegelin

When I was a kid I hated beetroot! I exactly remember the day when my auntie forced me to eat Borscht, which is a traditional Russian soup made with beetroot and like every other kiddie I was like fuck them veggies, but there was no way to say NO to my aunt so I kept on eating and that's how my Beetroot trauma began. It took me 20 years to heal, but I finally made it. I'm friends with beetroot now. What a good reason to celebrate with a salad, made out of beetroot, YEAH!

I worked with three different types for my salad, golden beet, Chioggia beet & red beet, but I did that for no particular reason, so feel free to use any kind of beetroot. You can cook or bake them like potatoes, it's the same time & temperature, but  be careful with the root tuber, otherwise the beetroot's color will bleed.
I've used cooked and raw beetroot to preserve vitamins. For the salad you will only need to add yogurt, walnuts and loads of garlic. For some extra I topped my salad with feta cheese and candied walnuts. You can do that, or use warm goat cheese instead. Happy healthy weekend y'all!

photos/food: anna wegelin


sevda said...

yummi, genau meins <3

lachsbroetchen said...

<3 lass ne kochgang starten :D