Photos / GIF / Styling / Recipe / : Anna Wegelin

Mostly I prefer my Gin simply served with a good tonic, like all of us I guess, but every now and then I also love sipping on a drink such as a tasty basil smash. A few weeks ago I found a dandelion syrup at the Marktzeit food market here in Hamburg. I thought it could be a wonderful mixture, so I’ve been mixing Hendrick’s Gin with the dandelion syrup, fresh lavender and a hint of some fresh sugarish lemon juice.
Well we all know there is not that much that can go wrong if you know how to dose your ingredients, but in this case my drink wasn’t just okay, naahha it worked out magical. Dandelion goes hand in hand with the lavender and lemon is always king. 
I think this drink can be perfect for a smooth & chill sunday afternoon, outside in your garden or balcony, well deserved after a day of doing nothing. To good drinks and lazy sundays...chin chin. 

6cl Gin 
Fresh Lavender  
4cl Dandelion Syrup 
2cl fresh sugarish Lemon Juice

Mix all that in a shaker filled with ice. Now enjoy. 

Photos / GIF / Styling / Recipe / : Anna Wegelin

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The Daily Inspirational said...

hmmmm :) looks delicious!
I'm definitely going to try this! :)